HMO and Local Authority Prosecutions
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HMO and Local Authority Prosecutions

Offences in relation to licensing houses of multiple occupancy. A house of multiple occupancy (“HMO”) is defined under the Housing Act 2004 as a property which has at least three tenants living there forming more than one household and the tenants share a toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities with each other.

As a landlord you have extra legal responsibilities if the home you rent is a house in multiple occupation or HMO. The extra rules are there to reduce the risk of fire and to make sure that people living in shared houses or flats have adequate facilities. There appears to be an increase in the number of cases prosecuted by local authorities with a particular focus on the student rental market and accommodation provided to refugees and asylum seekers. A local authority may prosecute the property owner, landlord or managing agent if there has been a breach of Section 72 (1) of the Housing Act which states that those controlling a HMO which qualifies for a licence but does not have one in place will be guilty of a criminal If a defendant is summonsed to attend court and is found guilty, the level of fine a Magistrates Court may impose is unlimited.

If you are being investigated by the Local Authority for a offence or being prosecuted at court, then we are at hand to advise and represent you or your company in any proceedings at court. We have a wealth of experience in representing people for contested and uncontested cases at court. If you have been asked to attend an interview under caution by the Local Authority, you are entitled to the same rights as in a police interview to be represented by an independent solicitor. Alternatively if you have received summons or requisitioned to attend court for a private prosecution, contact us today for expert advice and specialist representation at court

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It is very important that you get the best advice available to you. We offer expertise and experience iand will ensure you receive well rounded and tailored representation. Contact us today for all your legal enquiries.

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