Motoring Offences
We have a wealth of legal expertise to advise and assist you in all aspects of motoring offences.

We can advise and represent you in all aspects of the proceedings. Our team of specialist solicitors are on hand to provide you straightforward and expert advise.

Motoring Offences

Have you been charged with a motoring offence? We at Parker Bird Whiteley have a wealth of legal expertise to advice and assist you in all aspects of motoring offences ranging from offences carrying sentences of imprisonment right through to penalty points offences.

Whether you are being investigated for the more serious offences by the police or if your set to be disqualified from your points totting up, we can advise and represent you in all aspects of the proceedings. Our team of specialist solicitors are on hand to provide you straightforward and expert advise.

What are motoring offences?

There are a range of offences motoring offences, from minor offences to far more serious with potentially devastating consequences. So whether you have received a notice of intended prosecution or have been contacted by the police for an interview, we can advise you on the best course of action to take and represent you at the police station or at court. Make sure you contact us early as possible so we can secure you the best outcome possible as some options, such as driver awareness courses, are not available once matters have been set for court. Alternatively if you have received a summons to court, our solicitors can provide you expert advice and guide you throughout the whole court process, this is even more so important if you are face a driving ban or disqualification which could have devastating consequences on your employment and life.

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What motoring offences do we specialise in?

  • Death by dangerous/careless drivin
  • Dangerous/careless driving
  • Careless driving
  • Drink driving
  • Driving without insurance/licence
  • Drink/Drug driving
  • Failing to provide a specimen
  • Failing to provide a specimen
  • Mobile phone offences
  • Speeding offences
  • Points/Totting up offences
  • Road rage offences
  • Appeal a driving conviction
  • Early return of driving licence

What are our costs?

We represent clients privately and would be happy to discuss the costs of representation in criminal matters. Most criminal defence law firms charge legal fees according to the time they spend on your case. We believe fixed fees provide greater certainty in terms of cost, so you can make informed decisions and provide complete transparency.

We are also part of the legal aid scheme and some motoring offences can be eligible for legal aid representation depending on the offences and your personal circumstances. If you are eligible we will assist you to make an application for legal aid. If you are successfully granted legal aid, this will cover all your legal costs.

Why Choose Our Criminal Defence Solicitors?

  • Well we have a proved track record for getting you’re the right outcome.
  • We have unrivalled experience to provide you and end-to-end service.
  • We have a reputation which speaks for itself and from our past client’s continued recommendation
  • We provide tailored representation and supportive representation and are on hand to talk you through your case and explain your options clearly right from the enquiry stage
  • Nationwide representation no matter where you live
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